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Submitted by: Udit Khanna

Video SEO can make your brand. It can increase organic traffic and search ranking of your website. But you need focusing on video promotion on both search engines and social media platforms. Herere some tips for video promotion.

1. Optimize the content

SEO can do a great job by pushing your content high on SERPs but it is only part of digital marketing strategy. The most important thing is that people watch your content. Make the content shareable and linkable. Provide important information in an interesting way so that viewers want to share it and publishers want to link your content.

2. Focus on mobile optimization

While most videos are made for desktop viewing and mobile optimization is considered only a part of the video optimization. But now the trend is changing fast as mobile video viewing has surpassed desktop viewing. But you dont need worrying much about mobile optimization as YouTube and other platforms like Vimo are already optimized for mobile platforms.

3. Optimize thumbnails

Thumbnail has little value for SEO but it can increase organic traffic and viewership. It should be predictive more than attractive. Viewers should be able to get the feel of the content the thumbnail represents. Qualities of a good thumbnail are colorful, storytelling and branded. It could be anything but click-bait.

4. Upload to multiple platforms

Self-hosting will be the first option but it shouldnt be the only option for uploading videos. While self-hosting could be a great help in SEO, publishing the video on other platforms especially YouTube that is the largest video viewing platform. Also publishing link to the video on social media can maximize exposure and improve rankings.

5. Diversify your text on different platforms

Take care you do no copy and paste description and title tags on video marketing platforms. Also you dont need writing new tags and description. You can simply use synonyms and alter length of the description and tags to make them look new.

6.Add captions

Google love text hence the more text matter attached to your video, the more value it gets from Google. You can script your videos with keywords. It will help optimize the transcription. With captions and video transcriptions, you can certainly move your video content ahead than your competitors.

7. Use right format

Choosing right format is also a necessity. Here text matter can help. Publish content in the format that search engines can detect with the help of WordPress and Google tools.

8. Use the right platform

YouTube is the optimal choice for video marketing but you shouldnt limit it to YouTube. Explore more options. Also you should avoid publishing videos in Flash as search engines dont recognize it and also it is annoying for viewers.

9. Do your research

Dont go to YouTube or social media without making a strategy for video marketing. Learn from others. Go to forums where SEOs discuss tips for promoting video content and make strategy for your videos.

10. Collaborate

Link building tactics applies to video marketing as well. You should try to connect to as many people as you can and also you should demand that your collaborative partners agree to exchange links with your video content.

11. Prioritize viewer feedback

In video promotion; likes, comments and shares play a crucial role. It is feedback that everyone including Google takes note of. Keep watching performance of your video on search engine and social media for feedback.

12. Be trendy

Stick to the trend but dont become a copycat. You can start a new trend using your creativity.


Video content could prove to be more helpful than articles, blogs and PRs. But you need optimizing the content for more viewing, shares and links. While doing videodigital marketing, you need keeping SEO and user feedback in mind.

About the Author: Udit Khanna is a Digital marketing professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing , Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance). For more background information on him, please view his profile on G+ .




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